Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hardest Thing Ever

Sunday night I was unloading the car after being away for the weekend. The door bell rang and I thought it was my neighbour returning our key b/c she fed our cats for us. It wasn't, it was another neighbour with his daughter from across the street a few houses up the road. I was really curious as to why they were on our doorstep, they've never been too friendly before.

He asked if we owned a black cat with white paws. I own a black and white cat but not by that description and besides my cat was definitely in the backyard, I was just there with him when unloading the car. My neighbour said a cat just layed down in his backyard and was now deceased...could I come over and look.

I was nervous that it was my good friend's cat (same description) who was out of town. I have a key to their house so I went and checked. Both cats were in the house...phew!

I went across the street and into his backyard to see. It was really dark and I couldn't quite recognize the cat. I went to another neighbour's house and he graciously came out with gloves so we could take the collar and tags off to see who the cat belongs to (I just couldn't do it!). It turns out I did know the cat. His name is Zeus and he lives at the bottom of our street and we'd always talk with him and pet him when my husband and I would go for a walk. Very friendly and chatty. Crap...this means I had to tell the owner.

Here's the worst part...the neighbour who's yard this cat is in called Animal Control earlier (before coming to my house) to see if they could come deal with this cat. He was nervous and not being a cat owner didn't quite know what to do. You know what Animal Control said? They said the cat is on private property, just put it in a bag and leave it in the alley with the garbage. Excuse me? This is not just a cat, it is someone's life, someone's can't just leave it in the alley with the garbage! Outrageous and disgusting!

I knew that we couldn't leave the cat in the alley, the owner deserved to matter how hard it is, I would want to know. Thankfully the cat did have tags, we knew was up to my husband and I to do it. We walked down and we were both so nervous ringing the knees were knocking. We told her (we'd never met previously) and... can just imagine. The owner had just lost her other cat 2 months ago. I was crying with her.

We walked her back up the street, put Zeus in a box then walked her home. I felt so bad b/c she didn't have anyone at home that night...she was by herself. It was all I could think about last night and while trying to sleep.

I've been EXTRA cuddly with my babies...they don't quite know what to make of it. Arthur is on my lap while I sit at the breakfast bar eating oatmeal and writing this post, purring away. I can't imagine life without him.

Pets are our friends, our family, our confidantes, and sometimes the only 'person' who gives you unconditional love. They are not to be left in the alley.