Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forever Friends

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in B.C. with my family (Shuswap/Okanagan). Although we were very busy, I did have the opportunity to finally meet a very special friend I have made a connection with in the online adoption world - Natalie! (She and her mom drove almost 2 hours to meet up for a quick coffee - Thanks for doing that, Nat!)

Natalie and I have chatted online for a few years now, since the beginning of our international adoption journeys (I cannot believe I just wrote 'years'. Ugh) - on the yahoo group, through our blogs, email and facebook. This is also a year or so before Josina came into my life. When I first saw pictures of Natalie I felt an overwhelming sense of emotion. In my heart I was feeling the same thing I saw in Natalie's eyes. Utter Sadness. I boldly told her this in an email and we've been each other's sounding board and cheering section ever since.

When Nat and I gave each other a hug (she gives the best, squishy hugs, lol) she said something along the lines of it feeling like we already know each other, yet we're just meeting. That is so true! This process forces us to bare our souls and we need to hang on to each other to survive. It seemed so surreal to finally be with Natalie in person. She is such a sweet, kind, gentle soul! I know that after Natalie and I are both home with our children that we will continue to be forever friends.

Through this adoption journey I've met so many wonderful people online who I consider my friends. I hope I can also meet you one day.