Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is there to say?

I haven't posted since April. Wow. A huge reflection on the fact that not much has happened on the adoption front lately. I just have nothing to say, really. Our file has been in Ethiopia for 22 months now and we're in the process of updating all of the paperwork (fun). I wish I could say to all the people we are having to pay (again) to update our paperwork to just charge it to one blonde thief who stole all our money (not that I'm still bitter or anything).
I have wavered over the past few months about our adoption. It is hard to be excited when nothing is happening (even with the referral this week...I'm still guarded). I've even questioned whether it is best to go back on the list for another domestic adoption (which we decided is not for us right now). Like I've said before I really want to move on with life and have my family complete. I'm really done with all of this. Once we have a referral I know I'll be excited and joyful again.
On another note, Josina is already 16 months old! She's such a joy and I am amazed at how she changes on a daily basis! She is signing to communicate but seems to be a late-talker. This doesn't worry be right now b/c there is a family history of late-talkers (at 2 years).

I hope that you are all doing well. I still read the blogs on a daily basis but just haven't been motivated to write. Ttfn.

P.S. Here are some recent pics of Josina. If we are friends on facebook you've already seen them.