Thursday, December 4, 2008

OH- To Be A Cat In Our House!

I was just making lunch and walked in to the living room...had to share this:

His life sure has changed! He used to be a stray rural cat who lived in -40 degree weather OUTSIDE all winter. He now lives in the suburbs of the big city! It is -25 degrees with the windchill and he's inside stretched out on the couch with the fireplace on. Ahhhh, this is the life!


The adoption blogger friends I have will probably have seen this poem so I am posting it more for family and friends. I 'borrowed' this poem from a fellow adoption blogger and started crying when I read it. Although we are nowhere near receiving a referral it describes where I am. I daydream about our child all the time.


I stepped into her room today
Knowing she’s not there
This waiting for referral
Is more than one can bear

But taking in the moment
I sit down on the floor
And dream of her here with me
When waiting is no more.

A little giggle fills the air
As I rub her feet
I place my hand upon her heart
To feel its every beat.

A song is sung so very soft
Her eyes begin to close
She’s meeting me in dream land
A place where love still grows.

My vision now is very blurred
The tears stream down my cheeks
I’ve dreamed of her quite often
Throughout these past few weeks.

Suddenly a sound is heard
The phone rings in the hall
Waking up I quickly pray
Please let it be “The Call”.

By Tom Fisher