Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have AOCD

Yep, that's right...I have AOCD...Adoption Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I realized this when reading the symptoms for AOCD (listed below). I have 6 out of 7 symptoms...the only symptom that is not currently presenting itself is #7 (demanding reassurance from my agency). I think that symptom will present itself closer to month 8 when I am close to a referral. My answers are in CAPITALS.

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions you may need to be treated for Adoption Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (AOCD). You should immediately consult with family, friends, and especially fellow adoption bloggers.

 Repeated actions over and over - Do you ritually check adoption blogs and forums MANY times a day; especially at the most unusual/inappropriate times like during work or before your coat and shoes are off when you get home from being out for any amount of time? YES!

 Involuntarily persistent thoughts - Do you wake up every morning and go to bed each night (and most hours in between) thinking about adoption? Or do you find yourself trying to steer conversations onto the topic of adoption because it is the only topic you can seem to concentrate on for any period of time? YES and YES!

 Arranging and having things orderly - Do you keep a tracker and/or spreadsheet tracking wait times and referrals (if you use a color coding system, add two points to your score)? Or do you check other peoples trackers and/or databases to count where you are "in line"? NO and DEFINITELY YES!

 Aggressive or horrific thoughts - When people say "Hang in there!" and you smile and say "thanks", would you rather hang them? Or when people say "Good things come to those who wait", do you wonder if they have ever had to wait for something this important (we are talking about a baby, not dessert)? Or after someone says "Everything happens for a reason", would you like to smack them and say "I'll show you my reason!" YES, YES and YES!

 Uncontrolled emotions - When you see beautiful black babies at the grocery store do you become overwhelmed with emotion? Do you get disappointed when someone doesn't comment on your blog, even when you know lots of people are reading it? Do you scream into your pillow for, what seems like, no particular reason? OH YES! YES! YES!

 Repeated doubts - Do you wonder if your adoption will ever happen? Do you wonder if your file got lost/misplaced somehow, so technically, you are not on the "waiting list"? Do you ever think that they might forget you are waiting and skip your referral? ALL THE TIME. YEP. YEP.

 Demanding reassurance - Do you depend on regular updates and correspondence from your agency for your sanity? And if you don't hear from your agency, do you email and/or call them to subtly remind them that you are still waiting? NOT YET. NOT YET...GIVE IT TIME.

Think we can get this listed as an actual disorder? Treatments prescribed by doctor are trips to warm, tropical beaches. What d'ya think? ;)


The Warren Family said...

Count me in....I think I answer yes to all of them.
This is too funny!

Karen said...

I wonder if having this would qualify us for have the full 12 months off instead of the shortened parental leave allowed for adoption? Hmmm....

Tammy said...

Thanks to Laura for letting me post the symptoms of AOCD on my blog.

Natalie and Chris said...

Love the new layout, just adds that extra bit of personalization. Have a great day dealing with your AOCD, I think they should add that to our Home study...lol

Janine said...

May I join you at your hot warm get away destination???

Tammy said...

Name the place and time...sunshine, margharitas, ocean waves...ahhhhh. I'm so there! :)