Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sarah's giveaway

Sarah is having a giveaway, check out her blog. Seeing how she has decorated her house makes me want to start all over again even though we've been here 10 years and the house is pretty much done, except one room (a room I hope to start decorating ANY TIME NOW... COME ON ALREADY!).

Sarah's giveaway

I want to win the butterfly punch so I can make the awesome framed butterfly craft she made and put it in Josina's room. It is so awesome! See it here posted in her top 10 projects of 2010:

Top 10


Katie said...

To rename a link, what you do is type what you want it to be called, ie: Sarah's Blog and then highlight that part, and THEN click "link" and in the little box that pops up it should show you that the text you highlighted will be the link, and there is a space for you to paste in the url....

Tammy said...

It worked! Thanks Katie!