Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Sid and I are greeting at the Christmas Eve service at church tonight and then we're flying on Christmas Day (gotta love availability with Air Miles) to visit my aunt in Florida. We haven't seen each other in over 10 years so I'm looking forward to catching up with her. I'm amazed that she has been down there for 17 years now and I've never once gone to visit her. Huh? Why you ask? I have absolutely no idea! It boggles my mind. I hope that we can make it a semi-regular occurance to visit her when we have a child. I have visions of playing in the sand and wading in the ocean with my little one. Such fun!

2009 will bring a lot of joy to many families and make a lot of dreams come true. I am looking forward to entering into the year I become a mom. It has been a long journey to get to this point and it is definitely overdue to be my turn.

Have a fun and wonderful Christmas. For all you awaiting court dates I will be thinking about you often and praying for good news when I return. Emily, Jenny, Leah and are in my prayers all the time.

Merry Christmas!


Natalie and Chris said...

Merry christmas to you both, have a wonderful trip.

Dianne said...

Tammy, you're the best. Thanks :)

I'm looking forward to witnessing the year you become a mom. Make sure to make a mental list of all the things you'll enjoy in Florida with your little one!

Ok... have a wonderful holiday!!

Rhonda and Kristin said...

Have a fun trip and a Merry Christmas!

supermommy said...

You Tammy, are too sweet! Thank you so much and have an amazing Christmas in Florida!


Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Hope your Christmas was warms and wonderful. Here's to am amazing 2009. Laura

Kevin and Leah...waiting with open arms. said...

Thank you Tammy!
Have a wonderful time!

Karen said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Tammy, thank you so much for the offer of a loan of an excersaucer- I actually have some friends that have wanted to buy something that we need, so I have sent them on an excersaucer mission :)

Sharla said...

Happy New Year and what a great year it will be! The year that marks motherhood for you! I look forward to following your journey.

Justine said...

Happy New Year!!

Tammy, thought you might like to see the comment my son left for you. *smile* Thank you for your sweet comments! They made his day. I had to get him to cut off his email (comment *grin) because he would have kept writing all night. He felt it was 'nice to get a big comment', so he felt you would want a long one too. *smile*

He left it after your comment on my blog.

Blessings, Justine

Anonymous said...

Hello Tammy

It is me your secret pal! I had not idea what to get you this month because the theme is something for the nursery and I you haven't had your referral yet decided to get you a one years subscription to Todays Parent Magazine (canadian) to make sure all the ages and bases were covered! You will receive your first copy soon and monthly for the next year.

Melkin Yelidet Beaal!!

Tammy said...

Secret Pal, that's so awesome. I love Today's Parent magazine. Thank you!