Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun In Florida- Day 1 & 2

Happy New Year all,

I've been overwhelmed and sick since returning from our trip.
As many adoptive parents have experienced this week, I had a total meltdown yesterday afternoon. On Monday we were sent an email from our agency regarding the new policies and court procedures set in place by the Ethiopian government. This is going to make the wait for a referral longer and also lengthen the amount of time it will take to have a successful court. I was so sick on Monday that I couldn't even process or comprehend this information and Tuesday afternoon I came back to reality and simply bawled until I couldn't breath anymore...then I cried some more. This sucks. I have also been told that the wait for a referral is now 8 to 10 months instead of 6 to 8 months. I do not see how we will get through court before the closures in August or how we will be bringing our baby home this year. Happy Frickin' New Year. Yet again another disappointment to get over, I have to re-adjust my thinking and toughen myself up for an even longer wait. 2010 it is. How are we supposed to get through am I supposed to continue my regular life and pretend to be happy when really I'm not, I'm miserable. It is a good thing I don't really want to be around people b/c they really wouldn't want to be around me.
I am going to B.C. for the weekend to attend my niece's wedding and have to clean my entire house to allow my husband's family to use our house for the weekend (and we're not even going to be home). I need to take a break and share about our time in Florida.

AHHHH, Florida. I didn't think about adoption for days. I left my life and had a wonderful time.
We left on Christmas Day (airmiles doesn't have much more available at that time of year) and thankfully our flight left close to on time...I think in all it was about a half hour late. It was announced that they were asking us to wait 20 minutes for another flight attendent to show up or else they were going to cut 16 people from the flight. We had no problem waiting, lol.

We arrived in Orlando and then drove to Tampa/Clearwater in our rental car without any trouble, except it rained (actually poured) for about an hour. We were quite worried about this, but that was the only precipitation for our entire visit. The temperatures were actually unseasonally warm for the week we were there.

When we arrived at my aunt's house we celebrated Christmas by opening gifts just before midnight (got it in in the nick of time, lol). My aunt gave me a digital photo frame (for pics of baby, of course) and gave my husband a book on Africa.

The next morning we set off for the beach. We ended up at the causeway where the locals go. It is not a touristy beach full of crowds. The water was quite cold and we waded often, but mostly we sat in the beach chairs, chatting and soaking up the sun. I spotted 3 dolphins making their way through the causeway to the open water so Sid and I ran down the beach after them. So beautiful!
This beach also had fun shells and tons of pelicans to watch as they bomb the water, diving for fish. I love watching those pelicans! I think I could watch them all day. What a great way to spend Boxing Day!

We had a traditional Christmas dinner that night (Boxing Day) and the coolest thing was we ate dinner outside on the deck. It was so warm with a light breeze.

Truly a relaxing and fun day. It was so great to not think about work or adoption for once.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy,

Just checking if you had made any updates here! Reading your comments at the start of this post made me tear up again. It reminds me so much of how I was feeling last January with the increasing waits for China. And now... life is so crazy!

xoxo Carol