Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Next Day

When we got back to the hotel after meeting our daughter I could not sleep, not a bit...all I wanted to do was hold her and snuggle with her. We woke up early and were at the hospital around 8:30 am...Marcia was so tired so we told her to go to sleep and we would look after Josina. She did and we spent a few quiet hours together holding her, taking photos and a short video (I'll post it one day). Josina's birth family (Oma, Opa, Aunt and 2 Uncles) arrived and of course it was time to let them hold her and cuddle her. They just love and adore her so much there are no words to describe it. The rest of the day was spent in the hospital room visiting, talking and best of all staring at and doting over Josina.

By mid-afternoon I was done, I was so tired and overstimulated by all the activity and people. Sid and I went back to the hotel and tried to nap. With no success we cleaned up and went out for dinner before going back to the hospital for a quick visit. We would be taking Josina home the next day and it was important for the family to have alone time with her to say goodbye. Although we loved her at first sight, she wasn't really 'ours' yet and we needed to be sensitive and keep our distance. Our time would was their time to be together.

Although it was exciting to be becoming parents was also so bittersweet...we felt like vultures at times...seeing a family saying goodbye to their sweet little girl...well, there are no words to describe the emotions. We knew the next day was going to be so difficult. After arriving back at the hotel we were drained and exhausted...we went to bed early and managed to get some sleep...we were going to need our strength for what was to come.


Kendra said...

Thanks for sharing your first few days. I love reading the updates and seeing the pics of your little sweetie.

Kristen and Dave said...

I love hearing your story!! Tammy, could you email me at...

I have a few questions for you.


Kristen :)

darci said...

oh my what a cutie. there's nothing quite like that little newborn face.