Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When My Daughter was Born...

So I'm trying to find time to blog about our daughter and have found motherhood to be so amazing and extremely busy, making it nearly impossible to write. My Josie doesn't nap much during the day either so...(actually the second I started typing this post she woke up...will have to come back to it...)

Ok, it is now later this evening and Josie is in her basinette, not asleep yet, just gurgling and wiggling as she does best. I'm going to try to write some more. Ha soon as I start typing she has started crying for food...will have to hen-peck while feeding her...Josie was born on Saturday, February 21st. The week preceding her birth was very stressful and exciting at the same time. Her birthmom's (Marcia) water broke a week before (while we were in San Francisco! Ack!) and had to go in every day to the hospital for a non-stress test. She was to be induced 3 days before Josie was born, packed up and drove an hour to the hospital to find they didn't have room for her...please go home and wait. Well, finally it was decided that she would be induced on the Monday instead. So Sid and I thought we`d have the weekend to do some last minute preparations and tie up some loose ends with my job. On Saturday Sid and I spent the day running errands (buying a sling, dresser from Ikea, etc.) Early evening came and Sid went to get groceries while I drove down south with my neighbour, who has a minivan, to pick up an upholstered glider and ottoman that I found on kijiji...On the way my cell phone rang (it was about 6:10pm) and it was Marcia. This is what she said:

Marcia: Congratulations, M0mmy
Me: *stunned and confused silence* -uh...what
Marcia: Congratulations, Mommy
Me: what are you talking about...that`s not funny (or something like is all such a blur)
Marcia: You`re a have a daughter
Me: WHAT...WHAT...(insert shrieks...ask questions about what happened, start sobbing)

My neighbour who was driving called his wife to tell her the good news and to listen to my shrieks and sobs.

Marcia explained that she started having pains and contractions at one in the morning and Josina was born at 5:08 pm. When could we be there (3 hours away!). I couldn`t have been further away from home...I was at the opposite end of the city...picked up the chair and hightailed it home...we had to drive 3 hours to meet our daughter. Got home, hugged my husband, hugged my friend, then scrambled to pack...on the way out of town picked up dinner to go and flowers for Marcia. On the road we phoned everyone we could get ahold of...arrived in MH at the hospital just after 11 pm and saw our daughter for the first time by about 11:15. The moment we walked into the room time stood still, she was so beautiful! I was so overcome with emotion I could barely stand. Marcia was holding her on the bed and her mom and dad were there with her. After a few minutes I had composed myself and sat down in a chair to hold my little girl in my arms..only 6 hours old. She was perfect!

We stayed at the hospital until around 2 am...Marcia had fallen asleep and I didn`t want to leave her alone all night...I felt like I should stay to help her during the night...but Sid convinced me that the nurses were here for that reason, that we should go to the hotel and try to sleep. We left the hospital and went to the hotel, but we didn`t get any sleep, that`s for sure! More to come...


darci said...

oh congratulations! i'm weepy here! i haven't been able to blog or read blogs for quite very wonderful to come back to news like this. congratulations! i can't wait to scroll down and read more. :)

Kristen and Dave said...

I can't wait to