Thursday, October 16, 2008


So my plans for the evening were cancelled which I am very disappointed about...I was looking forward to this evening all week. I wasn't sure what to do with myself tonight so of course I peeked in the nursery and decided to take a few more pics...I am sharing this on my blog b/c I have zero family in Calgary and have friends and family spread all across the country...this is my way of 'being pregnant' and allowing others to share in my joy...some may not be interested and that's ok. Not a problem. But for those interested...

Off topic: This is a pic of my living room (not related to adoption at all). I just put up the words above the window last says Live Well Laugh Often Love Much. I think it looks really good. My former colleague's husband made it for me. See my cute little kitty (Arthur) sitting on the ottoman.

This is the highchair my future child will throw food from and make a mess of my currently clean and tidy house...can't wait! Spaghetti on the walls, peas on the floor...ahhhhh bliss! My friend Kathleen passed this on to us...what a generous person! I am so grateful for good friends!

I'm not sure if I've posted this previously...this is a cute growth chart that you hang on the wall. You can also put in pics of the child. Too cute! I actually bought this in Target in Salt Lake City. Was interesting trying to get it home on the plane!

2 toys...not sure what to call them...generously given to us from Heather (she also gave us her crib).

Edmonton Oilers set of dishes and cutlery given to us from Arlene. So adorable! My husband is an Oilers fan...he just loves this.

Our stroller...just love it! Kathleen also kindly passed this on to us. It was stored in the nursery and I'm proud to say I figured out how to unfold it to take this picture...I'm embarassed to say I can't get it to fold back down! LOL! Help!

Looking at the items I've shown I'm relieved to see that they were all graciously given to us...makes me feel better to know I didn't buy them during one of my baby shopping sprees...that the reason I can't close the closet door in the nursery isn't all my doing! HA!


Tammy said...

An update...after careful consideration of the stroller I figured out how to collapse it!

Dianne said...

Wow! You're way more prepared than I am!

Thanks for the well-wishes to our little Hana. I'd love to meet up for coffee sometime. We'd have a lot of "shop talk" to keep us going :)

Do you know which one I am in the Yahoo group? Feel free to PM me through there. I'm not sure if you're the only Tammy and am nervous to PM the wrong person!

emily and mike said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It looks like you are very prepared, I'm impressed! I hope you can keep busy through this wait, can't wait to hear of your good news.